US VIATRAN exclusive agent in China

on January 25, 2017, jerry group and wally parsons China's global strategic cooperation agreement signed in Beijing, the two sides will in oil and gas field surface engineering, refining and power on the world in the field of engineering construction project to develop a long-term cooperation.Jerry group, senior vice President, jerry oil and gas engineering group President Mr Wan should be loyal and wally parsons China Mr Qiu Hong on behalf of both parties sign it.

About Denaji Road Products

Denner is the world's leading supplier of non-road powertrain components. The company designs, manufactures, assembles and sells Spicer® axles and drive axles in the United States, Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy and the United Kingdom. It designs and manufactures and sells Spicer® axles and drive axles, driveline and end attachments, gearboxes, torque converters , Electronic control systems and brakes.


The design load of the Dana Spicer® axle is 1200-140000 lbs (545-63600 kg). As the one-stop supplier of the most comprehensive off-road vehicle axles, Dana offers the most comprehensive product line, which includes a single-stage deceleration bridge, a non-independent suspension planetary drive axle, a planetary steering axle, a bridge Door, bogie, non-drive steering axle and drive axle.

Dana uses a variety of wheelbase, basic brakes, parking brake, frame accessories, offset differential design of various axle platform.