Social Responsibility

Jereh has always been active in fulfilling its social responsibility as a corporate citizen. We advocate to "be a caring and responsible person and be a caring and responsible company".

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Worldwide, we pledge to protect the health of both our employees and the environment, and have implemented a rigorous health and safety management system within the company.

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We drive development with innovations. We propose competitive solutions to optimize the productivity and continuously maximize the value for them.


Ethics & Compliance

Jereh is dedicated to growing up together with the partners. We communicate to every business partner and supplier our stringent product quality management and compliance.

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Diversity & Inclusion

For any company, the ability to attract talented people, stimulate their potential, and gain loyalty are essential.


Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is not only Jereh's responsibility, but also the basis for sustainable development. Jereh develops technical solutions to treat and eliminate the pollution during energy development. We work with stakeholders to innovate and build new initiative making energy development more secure, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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