Support circular economy and protect natural resources

At Jereh’s work site, beneath the equipment is the impermeable film, and outside is the periphery cofferdam both of which are to avoid oil spill pollution.


Promote clean energy use and contribute to tackle climate change

2014, Jereh launched the China 10 Thousand LNG Stations Initiative, appealing the government, industry organizations and related enterprises together to tackle haze with practical actions.


Use technical advantages to provide environmental protection services

Jereh responses to the national policy of environmental protection, with independent research and development of environmental protection equipment, high value-added solutions, Jereh provides oily waste treatment, city environment management, storage tank automatic mechanical cleaning and tank bottom sludge recycling environmental protection integration solutions for partners, to solve the oil and gas solid waste and city environmental pollution challenges.


Contribute to regional development, and better should social responsibility

As an excellent enterprise with strong social responsibility and sense of mission, Jereh actively integrates into the local community, creates value for the community, and strives to become a good social citizen.