Oil and gas environmental industry is a category of oil & gas field technical service industry. Based on the 17 years’ practice in O&G area, Jereh EMG can provide integrated solution of oily waste treatment.
We differentiate the oily waste types, and propose an economical and efficient treatment plan accordingly for customers:

The solutions can also create more added value for customers, with the realization of waste reduction, hazard-free treatment and recycling.

Thermal Desorption Technology

It is capable of treating various materials, including oil-base drilling mud and oily cuttings, sludge of oil separator, oil scum and waste activated sludge, sludge pits, heavy oily sludge and tank bottom sludge.

Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption Technical Process


Direct Fired Thermal Desorption Technical Process

Conditioning & Separation technology

It is mainly used for recycling lighter emulsified oily sludge and waste oil. Oily sludge is conditioned by chemical conditioning and mechanical centrifugation method. The oil is removed from the surface of the solid waste by adding chemical agent. Then oil, water and solids are separated by centrifugation. After treatment, the solid can meet customer’s processing standards while recovered oil can be used for sales and separated water can meet the requirements into the sewage treatment plant.



Ex-Situ Pile Thermal Desorption Technology

It is used for the treatment of contaminated soil by volatile, semi-volatile and less-volatile organic contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls etc. It is applicable when the polluted soil is already excavated or surface soil is contaminated, which can avoid the long-distance transportation of contaminants.

Ex-situ Pile Thermal Desorption Technical Process

Ecopile Technology

Ecopile technology is mainly used for the treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons and other biodegradable organic contaminated soil, sludge. The bioremediation technology adopts the principles of biostimulation, biofortification, natural attenuation, bio-phytoremediation. It includes by the addition of nutrients to stimulate the growth of indigenous organic matter degradation flora and by adding organic matter degradation flora to strength remediation. It also can realize loose soil and plant rhizosphere remediation through the growth of plant roots.

Biological Ecopile Technical Process

Oily Waste Management Equipment

Thermal Desorption System

High oil content waste, such as oily based drilling waste, heavy-oil sludge, tank bottom sludge, oil pit sludge and refining oily sludge etc

Conditioning & Separation System

Slight emulsified oily sludge, oily sand, etc.

Fracturing Flow-back Water Reuse System

Fracturing flow-back liquid, including guar gum fracturing fluids, linear gel fracturing fluids, slippery water, etc.

Oilfield Waste Water treatment System

Oily waste water, produced water, well-flushing water, sanitary sewage, etc.

Waste Injection Equipment

Onshore/offshore industrial waste from well drilling, completing and workover, including drilling cuttings, waste sludge and sewage.


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