Jereh offers equipment, services and integrated solutions to the oil and gas industry from upstream to downstream: field development, surface engineering, oil & gas extraction, environmental services, oil & gas treatment and processing, natural gas fueling, refining and chemicals. Through safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly products and services, Jereh creates value and confidence for customers in a sustainable way.

Based on our excellent engineering design ability, economical project investment and financing schemes, continuous breakthroughs in innovation, superb in-house manufacturing strength, and responsive global procurement and after-sales network, we can provide competitive and comprehensive solutions to help our customers improve their performance on investment. In addition, the outstanding HSE management, relentless pursuit for dedication, and strict adherence to ethical standards constitute the internal driving force that propels us to move ahead together with our customers.


As a technology-driven company, Jereh attaches great importance to R & D. We invest at least 5% of the annual sales revenue in R&D activities and cooperation with universities and research institutions around the world. Also we have a National Grade Industry Design Center, where the design team is equipped with advanced design and project management tools to offer support in compliance with international standards and norms. Whether through our own proprietary technologies or strategic alliances with process licensors and vendors, Jereh is qualified to deliver optimum performance.

Oil & Gas Equipment

Jereh has years of experience in equipment manufacturing for onshore oil and gas extraction and production, oil and gas processing, and oilfield environmental management:


Oil & Gas Field Services

At Jereh, we help maximize the value of oil and gas reservoirs with high-performance evaluation, completions and production services, and integrated operations. We offer customers differential performance to help lower the costs and improve productivity while meeting the environmental standards and regulations:


Oil & Gas Engineering

Jereh offers a full range of services and contracting models for project development through engineering and construction to capital projects:


Project Examples


Oilfield Equipment Project in Venezuela

Status: Delivered (2014)
Location: Venezuela
Scope: 970 units for well cementing, acidizing, coiled tubing and nitrogen pumping; the total amount is $190 million

Shale Gas Fracturing Project in USA

Shale Gas Fracturing Project in USA

Status: Delivered
Location: Eagle Ford, USA
Scope: equipment supply of fracturing units, CTUs and sand blenders


Coiled Tubing Services Project in Abu Dhabi

Status: Started from 2014
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Scope: Acidizing & Kick off
Capacity: The first Chinese company to provide coiled tubing services in GCC country and the best performance contractor from 2015

China’s First Shale Gas Liquefaction Plant

Location: Junlian, Sichuan
Project capacity: phase 1: 2.47MMSCFD (7×104 Nm³/d), phase 2: 12.36MMSCFD (35×104 Nm³/d)
Construction period: phase 1: 2014.6~2014.12, phase 2: 2014.9~2015.10
Main processes: MDEA decarburization, TSA dehydration, SMR liquefaction
Product temperature: -160℃
Scope: EPC
Design flexibility: 50%~110%
Total power consumption: phase 1: 0.395 kWh/Nm³, phase 2: 0.506 kWh/Nm³
(The feed gas pressure of phase 2 is lower than that of phase1)

Gas Processing Facility Upgradation Project In Pakistan

Client: Pakistan Petroleum limited
Location: Pakistan
Capacity: Supply , installation and commissioning of hydrocarbon dew point unit, sales gas booster compressor, condensate stabilization, MEG regeneration unit, bulk equipment and facilities.
Scope: EPCC


Natural Gas Lifting Station Expansion in Kazakhstan

Status: Delivered (2015)
Location: Kazakhstan
Scope: reciprocating compressors supply (10 units)
Capacity: 70.62 MMSCFD (200×104Nm3/d)


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