Oil/Gas-Fired Power Plant

Oil/gas-fired power plant burns oil/gas (heavy oil, residual oil or crude oil, natural gas) to generate heat energy. It has the following advantages compared with coal-fired power plant:

  • Easy to store and transport
  • Low primary investment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High heating efficiency
  • No ash pollution to the environment

Coal fired Power Plant

Coal-fired generating units convert thermal energy generated by coal combustion into electrical energy through power-generating power plants (power plant boilers, steam turbines and generators and their auxiliary devices, etc.) Coal-fired power plant is a mature and reliable technology with low generating cost, supplying continuous, stable and robust energy to the Grid. It is widely used all over the world. With the development of ultra low emission technology, coal-fired power plant not only supplies scalable power energy, but minimize the impact on the environment.


Solar Power Generation

Solar energy is one of the world's major energy sources, almost all other energy sources are directly or indirectly from solar energy. Solar energy has many advantages, such as sufficient resources, longevity, widely distributed, safe, clean, and technology reliable. Solar power generation is widely applied in the world. Photovoltaic power generation is the main solar technology application; in addition, solar thermal technology, high concentration ration technology and other higher efficient technologies are rapidly developing.


Wind Power Generation

Wind power is clean and renewable energy transformation technology, widely used in the coastal islands, grasslands, pastoral areas, mountain and plateau. Application of wind power is an effective way to reduce greenhouse gases emission, to ensure economic and social development and realize the harmonious development of mankind and nature.


Waste to Energy

Waste to energy is a clean energy technology that transforming the waste to the electricity by utilizing the Municipal Solid Waste and forestry and agricultural residues etc. There are two main technologies. First is incineration technology, combusting the garbage in the incineration boiler to generate power. Second is gasification technology, including pyrolysis gasification and anaerobic fermentation treatment process, utilizing the syngas to generate electricity.


Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant

We are dedicated to be a world leading integrated solution provider for geothermal application.

To this end, we focus on customer needs and propose innovative solutions with commitment of Technology to Drive and Create Added Value.


Geothermal Power Generation

In Geothermal sector, we are committed to provide an integrated geothermal application solution, from geothermal field exploration to well drilling services, from power generation plant turnkey services to life-cycle O&M services.

In geothermal power generation, we are experienced in both binary and flash technologies. Our professional engineering team shall provide customized solutions based upon their rich know-how in the sector and project experience.

Beside the geothermal application, we are actively promoting the low temperature waste heat application in many industrials by utilizing the highly efficient ORC system and reliable steam system.


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