Jereh is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and advanced technology services for global oil & gas exploration and development, the services cover the whole process of drilling & completion, stimulation and production management, not only individual service, but also integrated total package services. For years, Jereh has been always adhering to the mission of “Driven by leading technologies, Creating value for customers”, to make energy development safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally-friendly through advanced technologies and completed equipment supporting.

We have strict Quality, Health, Safety and Environment standard to guide our operation. For the effective running of QHSE system, we establish a PDCA management system from self-diagnosis, self-repair to spiral improvement, providing safe and high quality services.

Jereh is the first one of Chinese company to pass the API QHSE integrated management system certificate, including API Q1、ISO9001:2008、ISO14001:2004、OHSAS18001:2007, also the first one of Chinese oil & gas field services company to pass the API Q2 management certificate.


  • Completed QHSE management system, the only one in China certificated by both API Q1 and Q2
  • International advanced horizontal well multi-stage stimulation technologies and matching tools
  • Core technology of shale gas fracturing technology and CO2 fracturing technology
  • Integrated services throughout the life cycle of oil & gas development
  • China’s biggest coiled tubing services provider
  • Comprehensive range of service equipment
  • Independent innovation with investment up to 4% of the total revenue

Services & Products




Service Introduction

Jereh offers integrated completion services covering design, completion tools and well-site technical services for different well types under different conditions (HPHT, High H2S). We have served 100+ wells and completed 750+ stages with a range of completion technologies in Daqing, Shanxi, Sichuan and Xinjiang by May 2016.

  • Proposal design
  • Completion tool selection
  • Supporting material preparing
  • Well site service
  • Final report submission


Technical Capability


Horizontal completion technology service

  • Ball-drop sliding sleeve multi-stage fracturing technology
  • Easy drill bridge multi-stage fracturing technology
  • CT cementing sliding sleeve multi-stage fracturing technology
  • CT multi-stage fracturing with bottom packer
  • G-port CT multi-stage fracturing

Production completion technology service

  • HPHT completion technology
  • CO2 drive completion technology
  • Heavy oil thermal recovery completion technology
  • Testing and completion integrated technology
  • Electronic pressure gauge permanent completion monitoring technology

Distinct completion technology service

  • Multi-stage gravel-pack service
  • CT cutting tool service
  • Sand jetting perforating with staged fracturing
  • Services without removing tubing string
  • CT sand plug fracturing staged fracturing service
  • CT set bridge plugs



Horizontal Well Completion Services

Maximum pump rate: 15m³/min

Fluid: 29,000m³

Proppant: 765m³

Technology: large bore bridge plug and dissolvable ball


  • 16 stages
  • wireline conveyed bridge plug with perforation together (Plug & Perf)

CT Multi-stage Fracturing Services

TD: 3,400m TVD: 2,191m

Horizontal section: 1,058m

15 stages in 3 days

Fracturing fluid: 5,280m³

Proppant: 490m³

Jereh created many records for North China E&P Company of SINOPEC:

  • Quickest record of CT multi-stage fracturing service
  • The most stages for a single well fracturing

CT Multi-stage Fracturing Services

TD: 2,350m

TVD: 1,791m

Horizontal section: 960m

15 stages in 29 hrs

Frac. fluid: 10,500m³

Proppant: 1,346m³

Technology: bottom packer

Multi-stage Fracturing Services

TD: 4,581m

TVD: 3,297m

Horizontal section: 1,150m

14 bridge plugs & 15 stages in 5 days

Single stage frac. fluid: 15-18m³/min

Proppant: 700-1,100m³

Technology: wireline conveyed bridge plug

Create a record of SINOPEC’s shale gas project with the depth of 4581m and pumping pressure of 59 MPa

Fracturing and Acidizing

Service Introduction

Jereh Energy Services Corporation provides integrated fracturing services, including design, operation and real-time monitoring with advanced service equipment.
Based on different characteristics of tight sand stone, shale, carbonate rock, igneous rock and coal bed, we have formed our own leading reservoir reconstruction technologies.

  • Tight sands frac.
  • Acidizing
  • CBM frac.
  • Carbonate frac. & acidizing
  • Shale gas frac.
  • Horizontal well multi stage frac.
  • Frac. & acidizing fluid system


Service Experiences

Until May 2016 , we had provided fracturing and acidizing services for 915+ wells, and finished 2600+ stages or sections in Russia, Shanxi, Sichuan, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, and Xinjiang.


Service Equipment 

Project Examples

Horizontal Multi-stage Fracturing Services in China

Synchronous Fracturing of Four Shale Gas Wells in China

CO2 Fracturing Services in China

Horizontal Multi-stage Fracturing Services in Russia

Integrated Horizontal Multi-stage Fracturing Services in China

15 stages

5,280m³ fluid

490m³  proppant

30 hrs operating time

Coiled Tubing Services

Service Introduction

Jereh has independent CT R&D and design which in turn promote the coiled tubing service capacity. We have made many China’s first records, such as CT bridge plug milling, cement plug milling, CT multi-stage fracturing and wire-line logging, etc.

Milling& plugging removal

  • Stimulation
  • Perforating
  • Wellbore cleanout
  • CT velocity string
  • Logging
  • Place cement plug
  • N2 Kick-off Fishing
  • RIH to operate down-hole tools


Service Records

  • Bridge plug milling records(SINOPEC ERW Shale Gas)
    • Milled 17 bridge plugs in 27 hours
    • Milled 19 bridge plugs with 1 motor and milling shoe in 1 trip
    • The longest horizontal section: milled 21 bridge plugs in 1900m horizontal section
  • Depth record: 7,400m at Tarim Oilfield of CNPC
  • E-line coiled tubing record: 8,150m for SINOPEC
  • Highest well-head pressure: 98 MPa at Tarim Oilfield of CNPC


Service Experiences

Until May 2016, we had provided CT services for 700 + wells in UAE, Russia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and Chongqing.


Service Equipment

Coiled Tubing Services


Cement Plug Milling Services

The longest cement plug we have milled is 651m

CT Foam Sand Cleanout Service for Ultra-Deep Well

A record of RIH depth (7,400m) for CT (1.75’) services

CT services for Shale Gas Wells

-CT perforating, bridge plug milling, fill cleanout, fishing, logging etc.

-Milled 17 plugs in 27 hours


E-Lined Coiled Tubing Logging and Perforation Services

It was the first time in Northwest China to have such services with e-lined coiled tubing of 8,150m.


CT Foam Sand Cleanout & Sand Jetting Perforation Services in Russia

The first Chinese company to provide CT services in Russia


Acidizing and Gas Lift Services in Middle East

The first Chinese company to provide CT services for GCC countries

Downhole tools


We have a GRIFCO•JEREH Joint Center to offer customers high-performance downhole tools for coiled tubing, well completion and cementing.

  • Research and development, processing, assembling, testing and storage
  • One-stop services from tools manufacture, rental, onsite services to technical support
  • Custom design to meet needs




Jereh is capable of independent R&D on cementing and stimulation additives, and offers design, optimization and evaluation services under different conditions.

Fracturing fluid systems

Fracturing fluid systems

  • Low damage fracturing fluid
  • Thermo-stability fracturing fluid
  • Foam fracturing liquid
  • Shale gas fracturing fluid
  • Clear fracturing fluid
  • Low polymer fracturing fluid
  • Anti-water-lock fracturing fluid
  • Alcohol-based fracturing fluid


Acid fluid systems

  • Conventional acid
  • Foam acid
  • Emulsified acid
  • Visco-elastic acid
  • Self-diverting acid
  • Cross-linked acid
  • Jellied acid
  • Slow-releasing acid
  • Multi-Hydrogen acid
  • Self-born acid fluid
  • Organic mixed acid


Well cleaning fluid systems

  • Thermo-stability foam clean-up fluid
  • High salt-resistant foam clean-up fluid


Cementing slurry systems

  • Low density slurry
  • High density slurry
  • Emulsified slurry
  • Anti-gas channeling slurry
  • Micro-block Liquid silicon slurry
  • Salt-resistant slurry
  • FLW water-lock & anti-channeling slurry
  • HTHP slurry
  • CX leak-prevention slurry


Salt-resistant slurry systems

  • FS slurry has a wide formation adaptability with low sensitivity
  • system characteristic
  • Wide range application, adjustable thickening time
  • Good at salt-resistant
  • Strong, tight, and flexible
  • Suitable for temperature between 50-150℃.


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