Jereh Pakistan Project Moves ahead into a New Stage on Belt & Road Initiative

December 1st, 2015/ The upgrading project on natural gas processing facility of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), carried out by Jereh Group, made new progress. It finishes the civil work and now enters the equipment installation and debugging stage.

Jereh Pakistan Project Moves ahead into a New Stage on Belt & Road Initiative


Under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, more than $250 billion worth of infrastructure projects have been contracted. This project is a significant one along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which will promote energy interconnection, stimulate the economic resonance and support the energy supply in Pakistan.

PPL is a frontline player in the energy sector since the mid-1950s and has been a major supplier of natural gas, providing around 20 percent of Pakistan’s natural gas supplies. For this project, what Jereh offers is to upgrade the oil and gas processing equipment on the basis of original systems, ensuring the satisfactory output of transported natural gas and condensate. It is expected to be completed in May 2016.

“After the completion, we will adopt a unified control system to realize high degree of integration between the new facilities with the old ones. In fact, due to the mass buried pipeline, cable and short delivery time, the upgrading project is much more complex than building a new one,” said Mr.Yao Zhiyong, the Deputy G.M of Jereh Oil & Gas Engineering Corporation. As the main package contractor, Jereh engineers make a breakthrough on operation mode from on-site assembly to in-house pre-skid, which will reduce on-site construction time significantly and ensure the quality effectively.

When the project is put into operation, it can positively increase the production of condensate oil as well as perfect the quality of energy output. Under the Belt and Road Initiative, Jereh will continue its efforts to promote the cooperation and create greater economic, environmental and social benefits for China-Pakistan economic corridor.