Jereh Operates China’s First Shale Gas Liquefaction Plant

On Dec.31st, 2014, Jereh announced it had successfully completed the construction of China’s first shale gas liquefaction plant in Sichuan, China, with the capacity of 2.47million cubic feet of LNG per day, marking the utilization of shale gas in China coming into a new stage.

Jereh Operates China’s First Shale Gas Liquefaction Plant

China's First Shale Gas Liquefaction Plant in Sichuan

The plant is located at Junlian County in Sichuan Province, the shale gas plays in China, covering an area of 718,000 sqft. In 2014, the output of shale gas in Junlian was 3.53 MMSCFD, while the local demand is 423,800 cf per day, allowing for more gas to be liquefied for economic returns. As the project contractor, Jereh offers an integrated solution from designing, engineering, to procurement and construction services.

The construction of Junlian area is of great difficulty under the condition of Karst and rainy climate, but “Jereh takes only six months to complete the first phase, cutting the usual period by half. Its success shows China’s shale gas commercialization and Jereh’s outstanding EPC capability for natural gas piping design, process selection and onsite construction.” said the Junlian government office.

In 2014, Jereh established a strategic partnership with Sichuan Sentai Energy Investment Corp. for shale gas development, and this project is a good start. The second project will start in January, 2015 with capability up to 10.6 MMSCFD.