Jereh Launches Middle East Oilfield Environmental Services

On Feb. 19th, Jereh Group successfully finished its first automatic tank cleaning (ATC) services for Saudi Aramco to clean a 91,600 bbl crude oil storage tank with a complete set of Jereh’s ATC equipment. This milestone marks Jereh’s oilfield environmental services entry into Middle East market with the commitment to leading the best practice in oilfield environmental management solution.

Jereh provided the ATC services in Safaniya Oilfield, taking only 7 days to finish a 91,600 crude oil storage tank cleaning. With over 95% hydrocarbons recovery from the sludge, the service also brings great economic returns for the customer. Additionally, to meet the high HSE standard of Saudi Aramco, Jereh adopts no-pit-entry technology to maximize personal safety and protect oil tanks from damage. Jereh’s complete sets of ATC equipment are designed to be fully-automated with unique central control system for 24-hour monitoring and recording, which offers an easily operated and all-day-work alternative to conventional cleaning and ensures no manual labor services. 

“We truly appreciate Jereh’s outstanding work of highly efficient, effective HSE management and proven services and equipment performance.” said Saudi Aramco, “Partnering with Jereh opens a new opportunity for our growing environmental requirement based on its integrated oilfield environmental services.”

Currently in the Middle East, more than 95% oil tank cleaning services are taking manual labor, especially in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman etc. Compared with manual cleaning, the conventional services come with many problems including environmental pollution, low recovery rate, long operation time, and the most important, personal security risks. Jereh automatic tank cleaning services adopt advanced, fully-closed technologies by using jet washer to clean the surface sludge especially under hot temperature and high pressure. The ATC equipment can be used to clean 50,000 bbl to 1,000,000 bbl crude oil storage tanks, gasoline tanks, diesel tanks, chemical tanks and production tank etc.

“Only Saudi Arabia has over 1200 oil tanks. Supposing that a tank needs to be cleaned every 5-6 years, we expect a promising prospect for Jereh’s development in this sector.” Said Daniel Liu, Jereh Middle East Manager, “Not only automatic tank cleaning, our integrated environmental solution including oil-based mud and oily cuttings management and fracturing fluid treatment services is dedicated to promoting a sustainable environmental-friendly oil and gas development for our industry.”