35% Economy Increase, Dual-fuel System Highlighting Jereh Apollo Frac Pumper

On April 8th, 2015, Jereh announced its world’s record setter, Apollo 4500 Turbine Frac Pumper, has finished the dual-fuel system installation and commissioning, which will achieve 35% increase in economic efficiency compared with those with conventional diesel-engine system.

35% Economy Increase, Dual-fuel System Highlighting Jereh Apollo Frac Pumper

Apollo 4500 Turbine Frac Pumper finished the dual-fuel systeminstallation and commissioning

Featured by multi-fuel applicability, turbine engine can be powered by diesel, wellhead gas, LNG, CNG, even bio-oil. And for Jereh Apollo 4500 Turbine Frac Pumper, it deploys diesel-LNG dual-fuel system. Supposing there is same power output, it could save nearly 35% fuel cost when compared with diesel system at the current gas price, furthermore, if fueling with wellhead gas at 1.2 Yuan/m³, it will be up to 75%.

“Today, cost saving is an essential task for all the oil and gas companies. For unconventional play, factory operation is a trend and also a way to reduce the cost.” said oil and gas expert of Jereh, “Jereh Apollo Frac Pumper, its dual-fuel system, but also its super large output power, longer service life and maintenance cycle are truly bringing it into reality for customers.”

4500hhp, the world’s largest output power, means only 8 sets of Apollo can complete the work by 18 sets of 2000hhp frac pumper for large scale fracturing operation. Featured by its smaller footprint of 34 ft in length and lighter turbine of only 0.7tons, Apollo also enjoys the flexibility in transportation, especially for shale play in remote area and harsh environment. 

Launched in 2014, Jereh self-innovation Apollo 4500 Turbine Frac Pumper makes China being the third country to build turbine fracturing equipment following the United States and Russia. And in February 2015, Apollo successfully finished its first fracturing work for two wells in China.