Jereh Unveils Playwell Micro LNG Solution at WGC 2015 — Standardized LNG Design For Your Needs

June 2-4, 2015, Jereh Group attended the World Gas Conference 2015 in Paris France, one of the world most important global natural gas events. On June 3rd, Jereh launched its Playwell Micro LNG Solution which would ensure the shortest project period in only 20 weeks and thus 60% savings in project cycle and 20% in project cost.

“Growing demand for natural gas has made micro LNG solution more attractive for investment when compared to some high-cost large LNG projects today. The long project cycle, complex design and low economic efficiency often deter LNG’s development.” said Mr. Weibin. Li, Vice President of Jereh Group who unveiled this new solution at the exhibition, “To help customers conquer those challenges, Jereh Playwell Micro LNG Solution comes into being with its standardized modular design and package design aiming to minimize project requirements for engineering, procurement and onsite fabrication.”

Jereh Unveils Playwell Micro LNG Solution at WGC 2015 — Standardized LNG Design For Your Needs

Mr. Li Weibin, VP of Jereh Group Launches Playwell Micro LNG Solution at Paris WGC
Shorter Project Cycle
For the solution, there are four standardized packages- Play 1.0, Play 2.0, Play 4.0, Play 6.0, meaning the LNG production capacity of 1.0 mmscfd, 2.0 mmscfd, 4.0 mmscfd and 6.0mmscfd respectively. “Backed by rich experience in LNG industry, we believe the four packages are the most optimized solution. Also, 50% to 110% operation flexibility is made for each package to meet requirements for wider range of production.” said Mr. Li.

In addition, equipment design, key equipment selection and refrigeration technologies are also standardized in the Playwell. Each package consists of 11 modules including Gas Metering Module, Gas Compression module and so on, ensuring a wider application for CBM, pipeline gas, shale gas, associated gas, biogas and boil off gas. All modules are designed in compact skid-mounted structure with standardized key equipment, including Ariel’s compressor and Caterpillar’s engine. For liquefaction process, Jereh‘s patented refrigeration technology can offer advanced SMR, N2 expansion and PCMR processes for better production efficiency. Standardized design helps achieve the shortest project period of 20 weeks, 15 weeks for all processes from contract signing to delivery and 5 weeks from installation to LNG production upon the completion of civil work. Higher Economic Efficiency

Compared with conventional small-scale LNG project, the Playwell Solution could shorten project cycle by 60%, 6 months earlier to achieve investment returns. “In 2014, Jereh completed China’s first shale LNG plant in Sichuan for only 27 weeks and investors now enjoy remarkable earnings through stable LNG production.” said Mr. Li.

Jereh Playwell Micro LNG Solution also saves cost in equipment purchasing and onsite labor. Standardized packages will bring bulk purchasing and production, so cost will fall down after wide application of the solution. As the strategic partner of many world-class equipment manufacturers, Jereh can offer premier products at competitive price and shorter delivery time. For example, Jereh is Ariel’s only global market packager outside the North America, which creates win-win situation for the whole industry.

Moreover, intelligent remote control system is adopted for real-time data acquisition by mobile phones, iPad and other terminals. 3D seamless monitoring system, independent ESD system for fire and gas alarming offer easier and safer onsite operation with less labor cost.

Jereh Unveils Playwell Micro LNG Solution at WGC 2015 — Standardized LNG Design For Your Needs

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