Jereh Group at 15th U.S.-China Oil and Gas Industry Forum

Jereh participated at the 15th U.S.-China Oil and Gas Industry Forum in Chongqing from Sept.16-18, 2015.

Jereh Forges Global Collaboration at Gastech with Primus Green Energy to Launch GTL Solutions

Mr. Li Weibin Presented Jereh’s Playwell Micro LNG Solution at the 15th U.S.-China Oil & Gas Industry Forum

Led by American Department of Energy and Chinese National Energy Administration, the OGIF is aiming to provide a platform to solve existing challenges, share experience and promote commercial oil and gas policy development. Topics include: current situation, applications and prospect of shale gas development in China and US, capital expenditure of oil companies, industry sustainability & efficiencies (onshore/offshore), diversification & innovation, advanced equipment manufacturing technology, and case studies.

At the session of diversification & innovation, Jereh had a keynote speech on small scale LNG liquefaction plant by Li Weibin, Vice President of Jereh Group. He presented the Playwell Micro LNG Solution, to solve the challenges that customers are facing, such as shorter project cycle, faster investment return, more flexibility and better operation & services. With years of experience on equipment manufacturing and engineering projects, the key feature of playwell solution is that it has standardized design (1.0 MMSCFD, 2.0 MMSCFD, 4.0 MMSCFD, 6.0 MMSCFD); modularized processing applicable to diverse feed gas compositions; flexible scaling and zero onsite welding work with factory pre-fabrication/assembly. At the end, Li showed some figures and one case study for better understanding, including 20 weeks project period, 6 months earlier for economic returns and the operation of China’s first shale gas liquefaction plant in early 2015.

At Jereh, innovation is the driving force behind its track record. There are 8 R&D centers established to support more innovative work and solve the real challenges customers and industry are facing with its different solutions, of which Playwell is the one on gas utilization.