Jereh at ADIPEC 2016: New Opportunities in the Middle East

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), the highlight on the international oil and gas exhibition and conference calendar, again eyed Jereh's outstanding appearance. At this year's event, taking place in Abu Dhabi from 7-10 November, Jereh showcased a number of attractive oil and gas solutions to the Middle East industry covering well drilling, fracturing for well stimulation, downhole tools and motors, small-scale LNG, and flared gas monetization with modular GTL units.

Jereh at ADIPEC 2016New Opportunities in the Middle East

"The background of spending cuts in capital investment and deferred projects because of the drop in crude prices has forced us to focus on making every dollar count, whether its for improved production or the continued production of aging well fields," said Johnson Jiang, head of Jereh's Middle East Market.

At the event, Jereh showed its track record of fracturing units for shale gas production in both the US and China. The reliable quality management, manufacturing capability as well as customized design earned Jereh a high reputation. In addtion, Jereh highlighted its acidizing equipment for stimulation vessels, which brings modular designs, redundant back-up systems and a mix-on-the-fly fluid system to ensure the right treatment.

For the gas market, Jereh displayed two monetization solutions: Playwell Micro LNG and Gas-to-Liquids. Associated gas flaring wastes valuable resources and is a critical threat to the environment. Considering that, on Nov. 8, Johnson spoke at ADIPEC's technical session on the topic of Flared Gas Monetization with Modular Gas-to-Liquid Units which can help get hydrocarbons to market in an economical, easily transportable and easily marketable way.

"We are confident about market opportunities. With years of experience in this market, we know the local well conditions and what customers need, and in the future we will continue to develop this market to help maximize the output of investment," Johnson said.