Customization, Creation & Consideration- Jereh at cippe 2017

Beijing/March 23, 2017/At cippe 2017 held in Beijing, Jereh showcased a full range of integrated solutions to improve economics of oil and gas operations, from customized R&D platform, petroleum equipment, intelligent control system to oilfield environmental management under the theme “Customization, Creation & Consideration”. Covering an area of 750m², Jereh offered visitors a high level of information and interactivity.

Jereh at cippe 2017
Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairman of the 10th National People's Congress, Visited Jereh Booth

Except the real oilfield equipment exhibits, the interactive displays and simulators for training showed Jereh’s comprehensive strength on manufacturing, technical services and turnkey engineering. Jereh engineers had technical presentation on March 20th and 21th about the application of electric coiled tubing unit for heavy oil thermal recovery as well as the custom R&D platform. 

Jereh at cippe 2017 Jereh Technical Presentation

Because of the low oil price market, the industry focuses more on reliability of operations. It drives more innovation and world-class lifecycle services. Jereh supports this by developing new products, such as electric coiled tubing unit, nitrogen generator units and workover rig. Besides, Jereh demonstrated Tubing Analysis System, Tubing Collar Detector and intelligent control system, aiming to reduce the downtime from the front end.

Jereh at cippe 2017
Jereh Attracted Many Visitors at 2017cippe

Jereh at cippe 2017
Introduction of Jereh Coiled Tubing Simulation Training System

Li Zhiyong, SVP of Jereh Group said during the exhibition: “we always focus on customers’ needs. It is anchored in the actions of every Jereh people. From reasonable purchase of each part to tailored design of equipment, from safe technical services to gas monetization, from treatment and recycling of waste resources in oilfield to detailed after-sales solutions, Jereh has been dedicated to helping customers meet the emerging energy challenges.”

Jereh at cippe 2017
CCTV Interview of Li Zhiyong, SVP of Jereh Group

By now, Jereh has provided equipment and services to the major oil fields in 63 countries and regions. "In 2017, we will continue to improve the product quality and operational efficiency with more innovation." Li Zhiyong said, "In the future, Jereh will conduct more international cooperation along with our strategic transition and upgrade so that competitive solutions, reliable equipment and technologies of China can go out and drive the global industry development.”