New Impetus for B&R Initiative: Jereh ZJ40 Low Temperature Drilling Rig Delivered to Russia

April 28, 2017/ Jereh’s ZJ40 low temperature drilling rig was successfully delivered for operation in Russia. It will support the Russian customer conduct drilling services efficiently even under low temperature environment.

Jereh ZJ40 Low Temperature Drilling Rig in Russia

Russia is the world's largest producer of crude oil and the second-largest producer of dry natural gas. But the harsh natural environment of long winter with the average temperature of -20 requires more on the rig design, manufacturing technology as well as low-temperature resistance performance of parts and materials.

Based on years of experience in oil and gas equipment R & D and manufacturing, we fully consider the heating and insulation requirements, and offer a customized design. The rigs can work well as low as -40. The mast is made of high-strength steel and has low temperature impact test. The chassis adopts high-strength HG60E material to assure high load carrying capacity. The bridge, valves, cables, air circuit pipelines, hydraulic parts of the chassis car and the main components of the rig, such as draw work, rotary table and rotating shaft are equipped with low temperature models, which ensure the reliability of operating. Also, we have insulation and heating systems to support the start of rig and reduce the wear and tear under low temperature conditions.

Jereh Low Temperature Drilling Rig Works at Night in Russia

 “We pay great attention to the Russian and neighboring market, and Jereh has been here for ten years. We focus on the needs of local customers, and keep finding ways to improve the efficiency of operations and optimize costs,” said Li Zhiyong, senior vice president of Jereh Group and head of Russia and Central Asia market, “our advantages of product supply, quick response mechanism and excellent after-sales services, has given us a solid reputation. That’s the reasons why Russian customers choose Jereh. At present, Jereh’s cementing units, nitrogen pumpers, coiled tubing units and others have been widely recognized by the local customers.

This year on April 17, Jereh showcased a blend of tailored solutions at Neftegaz 2017, following the theme of Full Value Chain Services to Production Performance. In the future, Jereh will actively expand into the Belt and Road countries and increase the cooperation so that China's high-end equipment and services can be delivered to more countries. Together we work to achieve efficient, environmentally friendly energy development and utilization around the world.