Jereh Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Techman Robot Inc.

Yantai/November 13, 2017/Jereh signed strategic cooperation agreement with Techman Robot Inc. to further the development in the field of collaborative robots. The agreement was signed by Mrs. Zhang Wei, President of Jereh Industrial Services Group, and Mr. Huang Zhizhong, Chief Operating Officer of Techman Robot Inc.

Jereh Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Techman Robot Inc
Mrs. Zhang Wei (Left) and Mr. Huang Zhizhong (Right) signed the agreement

TM Robot Inc. is a global leader in collaborative robot and vision technologies. The robot has broken through the stereotype of a traditional industrial robot. It is smart, simple and safe. A huge technological breakthrough for TM Robot is the perfect integration of the vision system with hardware & software equipment. In combination with TM Robot manual teaching and the built-in intelligent vision system, it can complete pick & place teaching in 5 minutes. Through TM robot units and simple surroundings, we provide flexible and affordable automation solutions among industries. While the world is bracing up the Industry 4.0 and the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing is coming, we are focusing on upgrading automation development, in the hopes that collaborative robots can become a good tool in this new age, and creating endless potential for the world.

Jereh Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Techman Robot Inc
TM Robot at 2017 China International Industry Fair

To realize the transformation from Made in China to Created in China, from China Speed to China Quality, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands, China need rely mainly on domestic equipment and companies. By doing so we can execute the strategic task of transforming Chinese manufacturing from large to strong. In the Made in China 2025, the guide for China’s manufacturing strategy, intelligent manufacturing processes to use robots is one of the key areas for development. There will be more experimental intelligent plants and digital workplaces built to apply technologies that enable man-machine interaction, industrial robots, intelligent logistics management, and additive manufacturing.

Jereh Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Techman Robot Inc
TM Robot in operation

“After the signing, the two sides will make respective advantages in intelligent manufacturing, market development and global layout. And as the agent of Techman Robot in China, Jereh Group will take steps to speed up the promotion and application of intelligent robots and support national evolution of manufacturing from large to strong.” Mrs. Zhang Wei said.