Jereh Ten Employees Awarded Yantai Role Models

Yantai/Jan. 24th 2018/ Ten Jereh employees was honored as role models by Yantai government for their Samaritan behavior in a fire accident. On the way home in June 2016, the brave and well-trained ten stood out and volunteered to help the delivery truck driver put the fire out and reduce economic loss. Yuan Mingyuan, the representative of Yantai government, and Wang Chunyan, Vice President of Jereh Group attended the recognition ceremony.

Recognition ceremony in Jereh headquarters

Wang Haidong, Jereh’s shuttle bus driver, took an interview

Wang Haidong, Jereh’s shuttle bus driver, found out the danger first. As he recalled, “when I spotted the fire, I had no second thought but to pull over and fight against it. Actually, I was confident because at Jereh, we organize fire drills on a regular basis. I’m totally aware of how to cope with this kind of situation.”

“We are happy to hear that the loss is lowered with our quick response. It is our honor as well as responsibility to do good things as a public citizen.” He added.

Wang Chunyan, Jereh’s Vice President, took an interview

Wang Chunyan said, “Corporate culture plays a significant role in Jereh’s growth. We take integrity, equality, honesty, amicability as well as mutual help into our code of conduct to guide all Jereh people to conduct our business in responsible and sustainable ways. We expect to advocate the positivity by influencing Jereh employees, their families and the entire society ultimately.”