Jereh Group Invited to Participate in the Launch Ceremony of "The Pillars of A Great Power" Second Season

Beijing/February 26, 2018/The launch ceremony of The Pillars of a Great Power second season produced by China Central Television (CCTV) was held in Beijing. Jereh Group was invited to attend the ceremony as a representative of key participating companies.


Simon Xie, Vice President of Jereh Group Attended the Launch Ceremony

In 2013, the first season began and showed the glorious achievements of the Chinese equipment industry in 30 years. It told the stories of intelligent equipment manufacture and attracted great attention at home and abroad.

The eight-episode documentary The Pillars of a Great Power second season which took more than one and a half years to showcase innovations of the industry and the story of front-line engineers and skilled workers will be premiered Feb 26 and is airing through March 5. They have traversed many places in China and recorded stories of more than 60 essential pieces of equipment for China’s manufacturing industry.


The Launch Ceremony Held on CCTV

The fourth episode shed light on Jereh's story of shale gas extraction with the help of high-end equipment Apollo turbine frac pumper. It features with big power, small size and long operating time. It can double the efficiency of shale gas extraction compared to regular equipment. And it is significant that its appearance makes China the third country that has turbine fracturing pumper after the United States and Russia.

“As President Xi Jinping proposed that in developing a modernized economy, we must focus on the real economy and give priority to improving the quality of the supply system. We will work faster to build China into a manufacturer of quality and develop advanced manufacturing. With this guideline, Jereh will continuously innovate to promote the reform of energy production and utilization methods and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system." said Simon Xie, vice president of Jereh Group.