Jereh Waste Injection System Passed the Factory Acceptance Test by Chevron Pacific Indonesia

March 2nd, 2018/Yantai/ Jereh’s waste re-injection equipment for SMF1 project of Chevron Pacific Indonesia passed the factory acceptance test in Yantai. The representatives from Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Jereh Group and PT.SAM signed the acceptance agreement.

The Acceptance Test Ceremony in Yantai

In order to improve the oil field waste processing capacity, Chevron Pacific Indonesia tendered for the oil sand reinjection service project. With excellent reinjection technology, state-of-art design and manufacturing capabilities, outstanding service capability and good references in the industry, Jereh stood out from many bidding companies.

The international practices accumulated in waste reinjection equipment manufacturing and technical services, especially in reinjection monitoring and control support Jereh better meet the requirements of Chevron. It took only four months to complete the equipment production, which exceeded customer’s expectation and showed Jereh’s strong capability.

The Factory Acceptance Test

At the acceptance ceremony, the representative of Chevron spoke highly of Jereh's equipment manufacturing capability, technical service capability as well as all-round strength. It is expected that in addition to the environmental business, there could be more cooperation between Jereh and Chevron in fields of oil and gas production equipment, oil and gas engineering and power.

The recognition by Chevron marks Jereh’s high standard in waste reinjection technology, equipment and engineering services, which will help the promotion in Southeast Asia and the global market. Adhering to the development concept of "technology driven, value added ", Jereh will provide more integrated solutions to help the development and utilization of energy more efficiently and environmentally-friendly.