Jereh Successfully Developed the World's First Super Power Cementing Unit

Yantai/March 11th, 2018/ Jereh announced the world’s first super power cementing unit developed by Jereh Group successfully went offline and passed the customer acceptance test. It changed the design concept of traditional cementing unit and achieved a significant increase in power and functionality, which will bring new operational experience to customers.

The World's First Super Power Cementing Unit Developed by Jereh

The output power is up to 2250hp, 2.25 times of the conventional one, and the maximum flowrate is 608gpm. The self-developed IAMS 3.0 mixing system permits the automatic control of engine throttle and transmission gear as per the set pressure and flowrate, improving operation efficiency. Only one unit can meet the operation requirements (7,800 psi & 317gpm), dramatically reduces the cost. It is also featured with smaller footprint and remote control system. As the world’s first unit with 2250 horsepower, it delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

Now as the rapid development of shale gas exploration and production in China, the frequency of cementing operations for ultra-deep wells and complex formations is getting higher. High pressure, large displacement, and long-time operations are some of the major challenges faced by service companies, which cannot be solved by single-pump, twin pump cementing unit or acidizing pumping unit alone. As a result, the customers usually use four conventional cementing trucks to work simultaneously. However, the winding roads in Sichuan-Yunnan and the complex connection of manifolds increase the operation cost. Therefore, a new set of super power cementing unit is required within three months.

Considering the actual operation requirements, Jereh R&D engineers made detailed power matching calculations, and finally selected a super large 2250hp plunger pump equipped with a high-power engine and transmission. They innovatively made the use of separate gearbox cooling, intelligent chassis drive and remote automatic control, etc. creating a number of ‘firsts’. The successful development of the super power cementing unit within 3 months demonstrated the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Jereh, and it was another good practice of Jereh’s “Small Well Site, Great Frac Job” solution.

Jereh workshop

Jereh has strong technology and manufacturing experience in cementing unit. As early as 2003, Jereh developed the first cementing skid and now more than 2,000 units have been sold to more than 60 countries around the world. The high-quality equipment and quick response service is well recognized by customers. In the future, Jereh will take its advantages to provide more cutting-edge, smart equipment and quality services, promoting energy production and utilization in a safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly way.

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