Jereh Playwell Wellhead Gas Liquefaction Solution Launched in Yantai Headquarters

Yantai/ April 2nd, 2018/ Jereh launched Playwell solution for wellhead gas liquefaction in headquarters. More than 50 experts and professionals from oil & gas industry attended the ceremony and conducted in-depth discussion regarding wellhead gas recovery and liquefaction.


The launch ceremony of Jereh Playwell Solution

In 2016, the natural gas consumption in China was 218.5 billion cubic meters and in 2017 it increased by 18.9% to 259.8 billion cubic meters, reaching the peak of past five years. And the total production of natural gas in 2017 ascended 2.09% to 150 billion cubic meters, showing huge potential demands. 


Mr. Chunjiang Liu delivering a speech

Mr. Liu Chunjiang delivered a speech analyzing current situation of Chinese natural gas industry, technological characteristics of LNG, wellhead liquefaction etc. “The coal-to-gas policy has led to an explosive growth in natural gas consumption all over China, which also stimulated the development of LNG. However, due to the imbalance of production and sales, China still partly counts on imported natural gas. If wellhead gas can be utilized in a more reasonable way, we will definitely fill the gap to a certain extent,” Mr. Liu said.

With the growing market demands and years of practical experience, Jereh Playwell solution can be applied for multiple types of feed gas liquefaction. It is highly integrated and modularized so that skids can be freely assembled and flexibly interchanged to serve all kinds of wellheads and it’s easy to install and remove. The standardized design can impressively shortened the whole time to 90 days from order to project completion. It will realize more profits within a shorter period of time.


In-depth discussion with industry experts

Mr. Liu Xiaofang, an engineer from Guizhou, China, commented, “Playwell can effectively solve a series of problems we are facing, such as fluctuation of wellhead feed gas, long-time construction, poor transporting conditions, huge fixed investment and high management cost,”

“At present, the supply of pipeline gas is limited in China. Jereh’s Playwell solution is able to support the rapid development of domestic LNG market in the following 2-3 years. It is strongly attractive,” he added.  


An overlook of Jereh Oil & Gas Engineering Industrial Park

As the contractor of China’s first shale gas liquefaction plant, Jereh completed it within merely 27 weeks. And now Jereh has already completed nearly 10 liquefaction plants. 

“As a responsible corporate, our Playwell solutions will help solve recovery problems of wellhead gas, improve natural gas utilization efficiency as well as provide higher return on investment”, said president of Jereh Natural Gas Group, Yang Zhiguo.