2018 World Earth Day: Young Reporters Visited Jereh

Yantai/April 23rd, 2018/ For the 2018 World Earth Day, Jereh team had a themed activity-“To Be A Man of Caring for the Earth”  that invited more than 20 young reporters from a primary school to Jereh headquarters and share the environmental technologies and knowledge how to recover the polluted soil and water. 

Young Reporters Visited Jereh Manufacturing Parks

Jereh, as a responsible enterprise, plans and organizes public activities on a regular basis to undertake the social responsibilities. 

Environmental protection is an ever-lasting topic when it comes to Earth Day. Jereh staff showed young reporters the basic chemical principles around our environmental lab, where advanced technologies were developed for soil remediation, wastewater treatment, watershed management, etc. At the science lecture, Jereh engineers had detailed introduction of pollution types, sources as well as treatment technologies.

Young Reporters at Jereh Environmental Lab

The pupils were deeply impressed, “It’s much harder to restore the environment than pollute it. We should all take good care of the environment.”

A glimpse of science lecture

In addition, Jereh totally wowed the young reporters with latest and foremost special equipment for oil & gas development, particularly the Apollo Turbine Fracturing Pumper which was featured by CCTV documentary the Pillars of a Great Power.

Jereh believes, with our frontier technologies and dedicated staff, we shall turn those wishes into reality and bring a clean and green world for all. 

Signing on the flag