Jereh Maximized Well Productivity through CTU Plug Removal Technology

Yantai/May 23th, 2018/ At Tarim oilfield, Jereh managed to restore a shut-down well and maximized its productivity within only 3 days through the highly efficient CTU plug removal technology. As the project was completed, client sent a commendatory letter, in which they appreciated the contribution to local oilfield production and acknowledged Jereh team’s struggling spirit, rigorous attitude as well as extraordinary skills. 


The Commendatory Letter

It is a high pressure gas well with depth of 5,673 meters, surface temperature of 136℃and pressure of 105 MPa. It was shut down earlier this year due to a dramatic drop in productivity caused by severe blocking. To restore its productivity, Jereh specialists provided customized solution leveraging fixed string CTU sand-flushing and milling for block releasing considering the rich operation experience in Tarim oilfield. It delivered a steady, efficient and safe performance and was highly recognized by client.


CTU sand-flushing and milling for block releasing

Because of extremely complicated conditions in Tarim oilfield, there are high risks of well control and drill pipe jamming. The ultra-depth, high temperature and corrosive gas also put threats to downhole tools. Jereh specifically chose down-hole tool strings for operation and equipped them with reliable choke control valve as well as sand-screening and de-sanding systems. Besides, the adoption of thermal-stability and low-friction sand flushing fluid system was effective to overcome all sorts of adverse factors.


Large Particles from Blocked Well

With strict design requirements, reasonable task assignment and highly efficient connection of each step, Jereh team took merely 3 days to successfully remove the blocks inside and clear the production channel. The shutdown pressure was raised from 11MPa to 65Mpa. The gas productivity increased from 270,000 cubic meters to 490,000 cubic meters per day and the oil productivity ascended from 23 tons to 48 tons per day, which proved the impressive results Jereh brought to the client. 


Jereh Team on Site

Over the past years, Jereh keep innovation to promote the stimulation of ultra-deep, high temperature and high pressure well with CTUs as well as super long horizontal well logging technology in Tarim oilfield, and accumulated sufficient practical experience. By now, Jereh created industry records of operation depth of 7427 meters, long wireline of 8150 meters and 98-MPa pressure at the wellbore, becoming the strongest CTU solution provider in Tarim area.