Jereh has a professional team with rich experience in oil and gas engineering, and can provide services for the owners, including: Investment Opportunity Study, Conceptual Design, Preliminary Feasibility-Study and Feasibility-Study Report, General-Planning Design, Evaluation of Post-Production.

icon-investment-estimationInvestment Opportunity Study

With accurate analysis of market situation and prospective, we provide suggestions for investment opportunities and directions, evaluate investment ROI and provide professional guidance.

icon-process-selectionConceptual Design

Based on detailed analysis of market, we provide preliminary analysis of project feasibility, technical route, technical and economic risks, investment estimates and economy assessment.

icon-feasibility-studyFeasibility-Study Research

We offer comprehensive in-depth market analysis, oil and gas market forecast, target market study, market risk and risk degree analysis. We also provide basic construction scheme and technical route, environmental impact assessment, detailed engineering cost estimation and economic assessment, uncertainty and risk analysis, risk control methods, etc.

icon-general-planningGeneral-Planning Design

Based on comprehensive analysis of project conditions, needs and financial ability of the owner, resource reserves, construction and environmental conditions, market capacity and other related conditions, we propose technical execution route and general construction layout, as well as short, medium or long-term project execution planning.


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