Ecological Remediation
Ecological Remediation
We provide technology and service consulting, site investigation and risk assessment, engineering design and planning, project implementation and management, equipment manufacturing and sales for environmental management. The treatment proposal can be customized according to different targets, and the actual situation of the site to be remediated.
  • Soil Remediation
  • Mine Remediation
  • Watershed Remediation
  • Soil Remediation
    For sites polluted by oil extraction and processing, chemicals, coking, electroplating, tanning, non-ferrous metal mining and smelting, Jereh provides integrated solutions to ensure that the treated soil, site and underground water could meet the relevant national standards, and restore the utilization value of the land.
    Business Scope

    Organic contaminated soil: TPHs, PAHs, POPs, PCDD/PCDF, volatile, semi-volatile and non-volatile organic compounds

    Heavy metal contaminated soil: heavy metals of Cr, Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn, Hg, As, Ni, etc.

    Farmland contaminated soil 

    Service Range

    Site investigation and risk assessment, technical consultation, plan design, construction implementation, and operation management

    Core Technology

    ▪ Ex-Situ Thermal Desorption Technology

    ▪ In-Situ Thermal Desorption Technology

    ▪ Ex-Situ Pile Thermal Desorption Technology

    ▪ Solidification /Stabilization Technology

    ▪ Washing Technology

    ▪ Biological Ecological Pile Technology 

  • Mine Remediation
    Due to the increasingly serious ecological damage caused by mineral resources exploitation, the effects of pollution improvement, land reclamation and ecological restoration have gradually become important indexes to measure the development of local economy. Jereh can carry out integrated ecological treatment on mines combining the ecological structure and function with regional sustainable development plan.
    Business Scope

    Mining Pit Treatment、Farmland Reclamation、Comprehensive Development

    Service Range

    Pollution investigation, design of remediation proposal, implementation of remediation, project investment & financing and operation.

  • Watershed Remediation
    Following the model of pollution prevention and control in the whole process- "Reducing emission from the start, blocking during the process and treating at the end", we offer technology, equipment, investment & financing solutions for river dredging, sludge disposal, black odor water treatment, damaged ecosystem repair and construction.
    Business Scope

    The treatment for black odor water and water environment, river dredging and sediment treatment, restoration for damaged lake, reservoir and river ecosystem.

    Service Range

    Technical consultation, technology verification, engineering and technical services, project management, equipment sales and leasing, and project investment & financing.

    Technical Advantages

    Black odor water and water environment treatment technology:

    Aeration biological treatment technology   

    ▪ Combined constructed wetland technology

    Damaged ecosystem remediation and construction technology:

    ▪ Sediment dredging and disposal technology 

    ▪ Micro-ecological restoration technology 

    ▪ Aquatic ecosystem construction technology

  • Rich Engineering Experience with Satisfactory Results
    Having entered the field of soil remediation since 2014, Jereh has carried out projects of organic polluted and heavy metal contaminated soil remediation in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Xinjiang and Ningxia with the remediated soil amounting to over 300,000 tons. There are strong equipment support and experienced project team, enabling us to deliver high quality projects even in harsh working conditions. We can conduct the soil and underground water remediation at the same time while meeting the standards even when facing a tight deadline.
    Rich Engineering Experience with Satisfactory Results
  • Advanced Technology with Full Range of Equipment
    Jereh has comprehensive soil remediation technology system, including Ex-Situ Thermal Desorption Technology, In-Situ Thermal Desorption Technology, Ex-Situ Pile Thermal Desorption Technology, Solidification /Stabilization Technology, Washing Technology, Biological Soil Remediation Technology, and a full range of matched equipment such as ex-situ thermal desorption equipment, in-situ thermal desorption equipment, mobile soil recycling equipment and washing equipment.
    Advanced Technology with Full Range of Equipment
  • Quick-response and Economic Operation
    There are first-class teams for technology R&D, equipment manufacturing, engineering services and after-sale service, who provide customers with integrated solutions including the early selection of process technology, rapid transformation of process technology during equipment manufacturing and professional after-sales service to reduce the operating costs and achieve satisfactory delivery.
    Quick-response and Economic Operation
  • Project Experience
    In February 2018, Jereh signed Mine Remediation Agreement with Laizhou Government to carry out the remediation of more than 200 abandoned mines, and achieve the recycling and ecological utilization of mine waste. In May 2018, the project started with RMB 200 million investment in total. The planning area would cover 46 acres and the total construction area was estimated to be more than 6,000 square meters. The waste produced during the treatment would be treated for high-standard new building materials.
    Project Experience
  • Financing Strength and Diversified Business Model
    Leveraging the financial strength of Jereh Group as a listed company, we can provide flexible business models for the comprehensive treatment of abandoned mines, in the forms of EPC, BOT, BOO, TOT etc.
    Financing Strength and Diversified Business Model
  • Qualifications
    Environmental engineering contracting, environmental engineering design qualification for water pollution control, solid waste treatment and pollutant remediation, and municipal & public engineering contracting.
  • Financing Strength and Diversified Business Model
    Leveraging the financial strength of Jereh Group as a listed company, we can provide flexible business models for the watershed treatment in the forms of EPC, BOT, BOO, TOT etc.
    Financing Strength and Diversified Business Model
  • Matched Equipment with Expert Team
    Jereh has established cooperation with Tsinghua University, Central South Central University, GE (China) Technology Center on the comprehensive watershed remediation and sewage treatment. There is complete watershed treatment technology system to provide reliable technical support for project needs. And we have relevant equipment including washing equipment and mobile soil recycling equipment. The single set of washing equipment developed independently by Jereh has the treatment capacity of 100 tons/h, which is the highest treatment volume in China.
    Matched Equipment with Expert Team