LNG Engineering
LNG Engineering
Liquefied natural gas is widely used as clean energy. And for it, Jereh owns a variety of self-developed natural gas liquefaction technologies, such as mixed refrigerant cycle and expander refrigeration cycle. Depending on the different cooling principle and working condition, Jereh develops optimized single stage mixed refrigeration (SMR), C3 pre-cooled mixed refrigeration (C3MR) and double mixed refrigeration (DMR) for different needs.
Scope Of Application
  • Pipeline gas liquefaction
    Associated gas liquefaction
    COG and tail gas of synthesis gas liquefaction
  • Shale gas liquefaction
    Wellhead gas recovery
    BOG recovery
  • CBM liquefaction
    Biogas utilization
Single-stage Mixed Refrigeration Cycle (SMR)
  • Low one-time investment
  • Less equipment and area coverage
  • Suitable for small and medium-size LNG plant
  • Simple process and easy commissioning
Single-stage Mixed Refrigeration Cycle (SMR)
Propane Pre-cooled Mixed Refrigeration Cycle
  • Low energy consumption in liquefaction and operation cost
  • Suitable for medium and large-size LNG plant
  • Simple mixed refrigerant components, easy ratio adjustment
Propane Pre-cooled Mixed Refrigeration Cycle
Technical Expertise
  • 01
    Stationary LNG plant
    Larger operating flexibility can better adapt to the changes of gas volume and components
    Centrifugal refrigerant compressor is adopted to reduce the leakage of refrigerant
    Much lower liquefaction temperature, less BOG volume
    Simpler components of the refrigerant, easier ratio adjustment
    10%~15% decrease of refrigeration energy consumption compared with that of the single-stage mixed refrigeration
  • 02
    Skid-mounted LNG plant
    Leading MRC process is used for high economic output
    Standardized and modularized design ensure stable operation and high flexibility for different sites
    Prefabricated and assembled in the factory, reduces the workload of on-site installation and shortens the construction period
    Detachable skid-mounted and containerized design, are convenient for moving and transportation

Project Examples

Associated Gas Liquefaction Plant

Capacity: 5.3MMSCFD (15×104m3/d)
SMR Liquefaction
Molecular Sieve Dehydration
MDEA Decarbonization
LPG recovery
heavy hydrocarbon removal by adsorption
Scope: EPC

Pipeline Gas Liquefaction Plant

Capacity: 10.6MMSCFD(30×104m3/d)
SMR Liquifaction
Molecular Sieve Dehydration
MDEA Decarbonization

China's First Shale Gas Liquefaction Plant

Project capacity: phase 1: 2.47MMSCFD (7×104 Nm³/d), phase 2: 12.36MMSCFD (35×104 Nm³/d)
Construction period: phase 1: 2014.6~2014.12, phase 2: 2014.9~2015.10
Main processes: MDEA decarburization, TSA dehydration, SMR liquefaction
Product temperature: -160℃
Scope: EPC
Design flexibility: 50%~110%
Total power consumption: phase 1: 0.395 kWh/Nm³, phase 2: 0.506 kWh/Nm³
(The feed gas pressure of phase 2 is lower than that of phase1)

Associated Gas Liquefaction Plant
Pipeline Gas Liquefaction Plant
China's First Shale Gas Liquefaction Plant