LNG/CNG Fueling
LNG/CNG Fueling
Jereh is committed to providing customers with one-stop service for natural gas fueling projects, including design planning, equipment supply, construction and installation, commissioning, and operation management. The projects that we build are LNG fueling station, LNG fueling station (quick to deploy), L-CNG fueling station, Primary CNG fueling station, Secondary CNG fueling station, CNG regulator station, LNG gasification station and ship fueling station with LNG. Also we have LNG/CNG dispenser available. The equipment is modularized with different functions, flexible for combination according to the specific needs of customers.
  • Investigation & Design Qualification
    Engineering Design/Consulting/Management Certification
    Engineering Investigation and Survey Certification
    Pressure Pipe Design Certificate (GB1/GC1/GC2/GC3)
    Pressure Vessel Design Certificate (A2/D1/D2)
  • Manufacturing Qualification
    Pressure Vessel Manufacture Certificate (D1/D2)
    Pressure Pipe Installation Certificate (GC2/GC3)
    Pressure Pipe Components Manufacture Certificate
    ASME U/R Certificate
    CWI Certificate
    ASNT Certificate
  • Management System
    API Q1
    ISO 9001
    ISO 14001
    OHSAS 18001

Key Products

Project Examples

LNG Gasification Station

Location: Chongqing, China

Area: 6,600m2

Output Capacity: 5,000Nm3/h

CNG Fueling Station

Location: Uzbekistan

Area: 5,300m2

Output Capacity: 1,200Nm3/h

Primary CNG Fueling Station

Area: 6,600m2

Output Capacity: 10×104Nm3/d

LNG Fueling Station

Area: 1,300m2

Configurations: Twin-tank Twin-pump Twin-dispenser

Output Capacity: 4×104Nm3/d

LNG Gasification Station
CNG Fueling Station
Primary CNG Fueling Station
LNG Fueling Station