Oil & Gas Equipment
Oil & Gas Equipment
As a leading manufacturer of oil and gas equipment, Jereh builds its strengths by providing customers with integrated solutions of oil and gas extraction and while introducing cutting-edge products based on the development and utilization of unconventional energy. From arctic areas and tropical rain forests, to vast oceans and desolate deserts, there are over 3,000 of Jereh units being used in the oil and gas fields all over the world, including drilling rigs, cementing units, fracturing units, coiled tubing units, liquid nitrogen pumper, and gas compressors. We are forging ahead together with our customers to create a new page in the history of the energy industry.
  • Strong R&D
    As an enterprise driven by technology, Jereh places great emphasis on innovation. Each year, we invest no less than 4% of that year's sales revenue in R&D, and we have established eight global R&D centers in places like Houston (USA) and Calgary (Canada). Apart from our adherence to independent R&D, we attach great importance to the enterprise-university-institute cooperation. We maintain long-term partnerships with many famous universities in China, including China University of Petroleum, Southwest Petroleum University and Xi'an Shiyou University, and collaborate in product R&D and technological innovation. Now we have multiple professional R&D and deign platforms, including the National Industrial Design Center, the Corporate Technological Center of Shandong Province, and the Research Center of Cementing and Fracturing Equipment and Technology of Shandong Province. Jereh has been listed as one of the key high-tech enterprises of China Torch Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC.
  • Strict Quality Management
    Quality means everything for an enterprise. If there is any contradiction between quality and delivery time, the former is always our first priority. We have compiled a complete set of processes and standards in the quality management system. Jereh obtained the API Q1 and ISO 9001 quality management system certifications in 2006, and are entitled to design and manufacture oil and gas field equipment according to the domestic and foreign normative standards of the industry and requirements of different export countries. We possess the international certifications of API 4F/7K/8C/6A/16C/16A, as well as CE, DNV, DOT, CDOT, SASO, CU-TR and more. With the goal of zero defects in products, Jereh has established a quality management model of “full process control and all staff participation”, ensuring that high quality products are manufactured and delivered to the customers. We also create a management file in the system for each product sold and service delivered, in order to achieve the traceability of product and service quality throughout the whole process.
  • Complete After-sales Services
    Jereh has a responsive, skilled and well-equipped team to provide technology-based after-sales services. Holding on the service concept of "Focus on Customer Needs, Exceed Customer Expectations", the team provides systematic after-sales services for a full range of products and helps maximize equipment performance. Customers are able to access technical training in terms of theory and practice, maintenance during the use of equipment, upgrading and refurbishment of used equipment, and rebuilding of equipment in different working conditions. And Jereh has founded more than 20 after-sales service bases around the world. The service team is on call 24 hours a day to provide one-stop solutions for customers' needs.