Oil Production Services
Oil Production Technical Services
Jereh provides oil & gas field operation and maintenance management, heavy oil thermal recovery solution and all kinds of chemicals needed for production during oil/gas field development.
  • Oil Production Management
    Operation and maintenance management services for oil & gas exploration, including repair, inspection & maintenance work for oil/gas/water wells, storage & transportation stations, combination stations, natural gas processing stations, power transmission/ distribution stations and related ancillary facilities.
    Oil Production Management
    Service Capability
    Rich experience in Canada's oilfield operation & maintenance management with world class oil production engineer team, maintenance team and management team.
    Service Scope
    Supporting equipment operation & maintenance
    Natural gas processing station maintenance
    Combination station and crude oil transportation station maintenance
    Single well, storage & transportation station maintenance
    Operation & maintenance management for power transmission and distribution
    Well station operation & maintenance management
  • Heavy Oil Thermal Recovery
    We provide steam soaking, steam flooding solutions for heavy oil thermal recovery, as well as supporting equipment & services of steam-injection boilers, thermal recovery wellhead units, and insulated pipes.
    Heavy Oil Thermal Recovery
    Featured Technology
    Concentric Dual Tubing Steam Injection Technology: through the ground steam distribution it realizes the flow control of two steam injection passes. The wellhead is equipped with dual hangers and uses hanger packer and layered steam injection packer to separate the two oil layers. The separation of layer and steam injection allocation are realized by inner sliding seal between the inner pipe and outer pipe. Ball Injection Technology: hanger packer and layered steam injection packer are used to separate the two oil layers. The stream is injected into lower oil layer through ball layered injection valve and after the steam injection volume meets needed level, the ball is injected to seal the lower layer, and meanwhile, the upper steam injection channel is opened.
    Service Scope
    Deep heavy oil development
    Extra/ super heavy oil development technology
    Horizontal well uniform steam injection
    Gas lift Technology
    Gas lift Technology
    Sand control technology
    Steam soaking, steam flooding technologies
    Integrated program planning for oilfield development
  • Oilfield Chemicals
    Chemicals for oilfield development, oil production, gathering and transportation.
    Oilfield Chemicals
    Acid Fluid Systems
    Organic mixed acid,Self-born acid fluid,Multi-Hydrogen acid,Slow-releasing acid,Jellied acid,Cross-linked acid,Self-diverting acid,Visco-elastic acid,Emulsified acid,Foam acid,Conventional acid
    Oil Production Chemicals
    Sand control additive
    Paraffin remover and inhibitor
    Clay stabilizer (water injection, acidizing)
    Oil viscosity reducer
    Profile control agent and water plugging agent