Workover & Stimulation Services
Workover & Stimulation Services
Jereh provides integrated workover & stimulation services, including workover, fracturing & acidizing, coiled tubing, downhole tools, sand control stimulation, nitrogen stimulation and etc.
  • Workover Services
    Conventional workover, wellbore control, sidetrack drilling and casing repair, etc.
    Workover Services
    Service Capability
    It is equipped with workover rigs of XJ550, XJ650, XJ750 and ZJ40 with lifting capacity from 80T to 220T, which can conduct well testing of 8500m depth, workover of 8000m depth, casing sidetrack drilling of 6000m depth and drilling of 4000m depth. The workover services can be supported by coiled tubing, gas lifting, fracturing unit, to meet different operation requirements.

    Service Performance
    Jereh began to provide workover services in Turkey in 2015, and by now has provided workover & complex well operation for 500+ wells.
    Wellbore cleaning
    Conventional pump inspection
    Block releasing
    Well deepen
    Pump in
    Conventional fishing
    Water plugging
    Casing reshaping services
    Side tracking
    Well testing
    Recovery gas by discharging water
    Profile control
  • Fracturing & Acidizing Services
    As the largest fracturing & acidizing services company among China's privatelylisted companies, Jereh has strong technology strength and leading management level, and is the largest Chinese company to provide overseas fracturing & acidizing services. We own advanced and complete fracturing & acidizing equipment, strong R&D and maintenance team, and integrated services from proposal design, fluid system design and R&D, to well site services and real time monitoring, to meet customer needs.
    Fracturing & Acidizing Services
    Service Capability
    There are more than 70 sets of self-design & manufactured world leading fracturing units with total output of 150,000 HHP. And 8 experienced fracturing services teams can provide customized design and services with the help of 6 core technologies, 6 main characteristic technologies, 9 fracturing liquid systems, 11 acid liquid systems and 56 kinds of chemical additives.
    6 Core Technologies
    Foam fracturing & acidizing
    Tight sand reservoir fracturing & acidizing
    CBM fracturing & acidizing
    Carbonate reservoir fracturing & acidizing
    Igneous rock fracturing & acidizing
    Shale gas factory fracturing
  • Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools
    One of the world's largest coiled tubing tools provider, with a market share of above 70% in China.
    Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools
    Service Performance
    By the end of 2017,Jereh has provided CT services for more than 1,500 wells in Russia, UAE and China, creating many records such as horizontal well bridge pug milling, cement milling, cementing plug, coiled tubing staged fracturing and wireline logging.

    Service Capability
    Now we have a team of 300 staff equipped with advanced coiled tubing technology & downhole tools R&D. Together with strong engineering design and onsite operation capability, we can provide a full range of coiled tubing engineering services and special operations for customers.
    CT optical fiber logging technology
    CT wireline logging technology
    CT velocity string technology
    CT stimulation technology
    CT fracturing technology
    CT perforation technology
    CT workover technology
    CT cementing & milling technology
    CT fishing technology
    CT wellbore cleaning technology
    Operation records
    Run in hole depth:7,427m
    Max. wellhead pressure in operation: 105 MPa
    The record of milling out 19 bridge plugs with one motor and one milling shoe
    The longest horizontal well: 2,512m
    The records of milling out 48 bridge plugs in one well
    The longest cementing plug milled: 651m
    The highest surface operation temperature: 53 ℃
    The lowest surface operation temperature: - 55℃
  • Sand Control and Stimulation
    Sand Control and Stimulation
    Service Capability
    Based on different reservoir characteristics, Jereh provides professional sand control stimulation solutions, including oil & gas field sanding prediction, optimal sand control design, research & assembly completion, multiple sand control tools, site operation, results evaluation as well as some supporting tools of sieve tube, ravel pack etc.
    Service Scope
    Slotting screen pipe sand control
    Wire-wrapped screen sand control
    Casing circulating gravel packing
    Horizontal well circulating gravel packing
    Vertical well high pressure packing
    Pre-coated phenolic resin sand control
    Pre-coated phenolic resin sand control
    Chemical sand control
  • Downhole Tools
    With years of development, we have accumulated rich experience in coiled tubing, well completion & stimulation as well slickline operation, which enables us to offer customized products as well as integrated solutions for our clients.
    Downhole Tools
    Service Capability
    Our products have been applied in 30+ countries, and are highly recognized. All products are approved by API Q1 and API 11D1 standard. We can provide product design, manufacturing and logistics services to meet customers' needs.

    Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools
    One of the world’s largest coiled tubing tools provider, with a market share of above 70% in China. Comprehensive product lines, rich experience in conventional CT operation, milling, fishing, logging, completion and stimulation. Complete set of tool specification and material with CT ranging from 1 to 3-1/2 inch and various sulfur/CO 2/HPO/chloridion proof products for down hole environment.
    CT Conventional Tools, CT Fishing Tools, CT Cutting Tools, CT Milling Tools, CT Velocity String Tools, CT Lower Packer Fracturing Tools.

    Slickline Tools
    The world’s earliest slickline tool provider with complete set and series of slickline tools.
    Basic Tools, Auxiliary Tools, Conventional Fishing Tools, RIH & Extended Reach Well Tools, Trouble Handling Tools, Piezometer Auxiliary Tools.

    Cementing Tools
    Supporting downhole tools for different cementing requirements.
    Liner Collar, Stage Collar, Easy Drilled Float, Cementing Head, Casing Centralizer.

    Stimulation Tools
    All kinds of fracturing stimulation string design tailored for tight gas and shale gas fracturing requirements
    CT fracturing, open hole fracturing and bridge plug products
    Easy Milled Bridge Plug, Dissolvable Ball, Big Diameter Bridge Plug, Cementing Sliding Sleeves, Open Hole Staged Fracturing Sliding Sleeves.
  • Nitrogen Stimulation Services
    Nitrogen soaking, nitrogen foam profile control, nitrogen foam sand washing and gas lift technologies for well stimulation.
    Nitrogen Stimulation Services
    Service Capability
    We own sets of nitrogen generators and pumping units to provide plan design, resource coordination and well site services according to requirements of customers.

    Service Performanc
    By the end of 2017, we have provided nitrogen production and injection services to more than 500 wells in Russia and China.

    Technical Capability
    N₂ soaking technology
    N₂ flooding technology
    N₂ foam flooding technology
    N₂ foam sand washing technology
    N₂ profile control technology
    N₂ lift technology