Jereh Frac Spread for China's First Shale Gas Horizontal Well
  • Background
    In China, shale gas is abundant in rugged mountain and hilly areas such as Shaanxi and Sichuan provinces. The rugged and narrow roads make extraction extremely difficult. In April 2011, the completion operation was finished at Wei 201-H1well, China’s first shale gas horizontal well located in Weiyuan, Sichuan Province.
  • Challenges Faced by the Customer
    Challenges Faced by the Customer
    It was the first time that the fracturing operation of shale gas horizontal wells had taken place in China. The operation section, starting from 1604 meters to 2750 meters, was a large displacement horizontal well. The wellhead load increased at first and later on decreased, leading to a series of problems, such as difficulty in running casing. 
  • Our Solution
    Our Solution
    During this job, we adopted staged fracturing and coiled tubing perforating technologies. In addition, Jereh R&D engineers proposed the use of conventional frac spread after a comprehensive analysis of the working conditions. Jereh frac spread worked stably and presented excellent performance during the whole operation, particularly in fuel efficiency and emission, representing the highest level of China’s oilfield equipment at that time.
  • Values for Customers
    Values for Customers
    The total power of seventeen fracturing units (2250 HP) reached 34,000 hhp at well site. This job marked that shale gas exploration had entered into experimental production in China. And Jereh’s high quality and reliable frac spread would give full support to the efficient extraction of unconventional energy sources.