China's First Shale Gas Liquefaction Plant
  • Background
    The 2.47MMSCFD shale gas liquefaction plant in Junlian, Sichuan was the first commercialized shale gas liquefaction plant in China. The project was implemented jointly by Sichuan Sentai Energy and Junlian County government under the support of China National Petroleum Corporation Zhejiang Oilfield. It was of great difficulty to carry out civil construction in Junlian, which featured typical karst rock formation and rainy climate in the mountains. Shale gas is a more complex mix than conventional natural gas and the shale gas wells are not allowed to be sealed. Therefore, a tailored process design coupled with flexible operation facilities were required in the project.
  • Our Solution
    Our Solution
    Jereh provided an integrated solution including design, procurement and construction for the first shale gas liquefaction plant in China. And by adopting a new refrigeration process and more stable process units, we offered a customized compact set of natural gas processing and treatment equipment that were well suited to the site. In doing so, we ensured that the solution was applicable under the conditions of the gas well and met the needs of the customer.
  • Values for the Customer
    Values for the Customer
    Through the tailor-made solution, Jereh has built larger-capacity facilities on limited land, and shortened the time for LNG plant production from one year to six months. Jereh broke the record by the fastest operation of LNG plant ever in China, helping the customer obtain benefits rapidly. The successful operation effectively alleviated the tension of gas supply outside and inside Sichuan province and marked a new era of the commercialization of shale gas in China.