Water Ecosystem Construction Project in Indonesia
  • Background
    As the No.1 overseas project of China Construction Fourth Engineering Division (CCFED), the Meikarta Project in Indonesia carried the important mission of "expanding overseas markets through transformation and upgrade". The project was based at Cikarang, East Bekasi District, about 30 kilometers from downtown Jakarta. It was Indonesia's main industrial development zone, a place populated by foreign invested processing enterprises and labor force. The project was positioned at the high end and dedicated to creating the new core driving Indonesian future development. Equipped with convenient transportation, economical land use and optimal green sharing, the project could present a city of vigor, future, intelligence, and beauty with Indonesian characteristics and humanity and ecology. During early stage of the Megada project, the key was to construct the Central Park, whereas the top priority among all was to construct an ecological lake.
  • Challenges Faced by the Customer
    Challenges Faced by the Customer
    The construction was on a very tight schedule that it left only one month to run from signing contracts to the completion of the project. It was very meaningful for the customer that they could follow the previous schedule to start and promote the sales of real estates. To this end, the customer purchased over a hundred of electronic sightseeing vehicles so that they could bring buyers to the central park and have a look at the beautiful environment in the future community. Therefore, it was critical whether the project could be completed and whether the park could open in a timely manner.
  • Our Solution
    Our Solution
    Jereh team dared to undertook responsibility in the face of this arduous task. They quickly formulated a detailed implementation plan and continued to adjust according to the actual conditions on site. As the 150,000-square-meter lake was in need of a large quantity of aquatic plants, the team turned to the best local supplier and managed to plant 16,000 square meters of emergent aquatic plants and 130,000 square meters of submerged plants. The number of plant species reached 15 and outnumbered that in the ecological lake of Indonesia’s national park. We completed the task on time and in good quality.
  • Values for the Customer
    Values for the Customer
    The project was finally completed while the Central Park opened on schedule and created a beautiful landscape. The park is packed with tourists every day, and real estate buyers come continuously. The opening day created a sales legend with 16,800 suites sold out. The success of this project has laid a solid foundation for the overseas development of Jereh environmental protection business.