Shale Gas Well Service Project for Schlumberger
  • Background
    Jereh undertook well fracturing, workover, and gas testing out of a whole set of integrated services contracted to Schlumberger. The package project was obtained through a fair bidding and by Jereh's excellent equipment, technological advantages and rich experience in improving production of horizontal wells.
  • Challenges Faced by the Customer
    Challenges Faced by the Customer
    The operation well which was 3,450 meters deep and 12,000 meters long, was a shale gas appraisal well located in the National Shale Gas Demonstration Base in China. It was considered as a study well for its relation to many national research topics. The well provides important reference and examples for the industrialized extraction of the shale gas reserved under the same conditions in the operation area.
  • Our Solution
    Our Solution
    The advanced Big Diameter Infinity Completion Technology was employed in the operation. By utilizing dissolvable bridge plug, perforation joint operation and casing fracturing, we achieved the big diameter of the casing and avoided the milling of bridge plug after the fracturing, bringing reduced operational risks and completion costs as well as improved operational efficiency. We combined a mix injection of slick water, base fluid and cross-linked gel with the multi-particle support technology in the operation. In this way, the injection could connect to the natural micro-cracks and form a complex crack network, while clearing the flow channels and increasing the productivity of a single well after the operation. In addition, we set advanced underground microseismic monitoring and interpretation tools in the adjacent wells of the target to ensure real-time monitoring. This helped adjust and optimize the operation design timely, facilitate a proper fracturing strike and shape trends, and maximize productivity after fracturing.
  • Values for the Customer
    Values for the Customer
    The fracturing operation lasted for 18 days with 18 fracturing sections completed. The operation reached a maximum displacement of 10m³/min, a maximum pressure of 68 MPa, and a total sand volume of over 1,000 cubic meters into the well. The total fluid volume exceeded 26,000 m³. The operation task was completed with safety, high quality and high efficiency.