Jereh CTU Powering the Shale Gas Production
  • Background
    Unconventional oil & gas especially the shale gas have undergone prosperous development in recent years. More than 30 countries in Europe and Asia have started the exploration and development of shale gas. In the upcoming five to ten years, unconventional oil & gas shall achieve sustainable development with technological breakthroughs and lower extraction costs.
  • Challenges Faced by the Customer
    Challenges Faced by the Customer
    With the gradual development of shale gas and tight gas, conventional coiled tubing unit could not support large displacement frac jobs due to its relatively small tubing diameter. An urgent problem was how to move the CTU weighing more than ten tons into small well sites under the harsh road conditions, despite an abundant amount of shale gas to be extracted in the western Sichuan-Chongqing region.
  • Our Solution
    Our Solution
    Jereh CTU R&D team overcame a series of technical difficulties in terms of the reel strength, reel drive system and injector for super large diameter coiled tubing. The outcome was they built China’s first large diameter coiled tubing unit special for frac jobs. The unit was suitable for coiled tubing with a diameter of 2 7/8", 2 5/8" and 2 3/8 ", and 3” high pressure manifold and flowmeter to guarantee the large displacement during coiled tubing frac operations. Also we created the dual-vehicle design in response to the road conditions in Southwestern China. The all-wheel drive trucks allowed for stronger climbing ability and smaller turning radius and could travel freely on the rugged mountain road.
  • Values for Customers
    Values for Customers
    Jereh’s super large diameter coiled tubing unit ran stably at well site, greatly improved the efficiency of staged fracturing operation. The customized dual-truck design enabled Jereh's CTU to travel easily in the Southwestern region of China, and helped effectively solve the challenge that customers face to facilitate the efficient and safe development of shale gas.