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Natural Gas Equipment
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Natural Gas Equipment
Pursuing a harmonious unity of environmental friendliness and economic efficiency, we cooperate with global customers in the field of clean energy. Jereh compressor units are widely used in gas injection and gathering of underground gas storage, natural gas external pressure boosting, natural gas processing, fuel gas boosting, acid gas injection, biomass gas, coalbed methane gathering and transportation, CNG stations, LNG plant, refrigerant compression and chemical engineering, etc.
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Contribute to global natural gas development and application
Contribute to global natural gas development and application
Natural Gas Compressor
China's first high-speed super power compressor unit passed the EU CE certification, providing the most powerful reciprocating compressor unit for the Turkish gas storage project China's first imported centrifugal compressor application in underground gas storage The maximum power of the reciprocating compressor unit can reach 7,457kW, the maximum outlet pressure can reach 62MPa
Gas Turbine Genset
From 0.2MW to 10.4MW Provided gas genset for China's first single well high and low concentration gas power generation project