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Impartial Procurement
Impartial Procurement

Jereh attaches importance to impartial procurement management to create a fair, just, honest and win-win cooperation environment. We hold a "zero tolerance" attitude towards corruption and fraud, which will be investigated and dealt with seriously once found. 

We sign the "Jereh and Supplier Mutual Commitment" with all supplier partners before cooperation. In order to have long-term, stable and healthy cooperation, Jereh hereby reiterates: please strictly abide by the agreement of the "Jereh and Supplier Mutual Commitment".

  • 01
    No accept or ask for any form of gifts such as cash, gift cards, vouchers, etc. from the partner.
  • 02
    No private hospitality.
  • 03
    No personal transactions or debtor creditor relationship with the partner.
  • 04
    No personal relationship with the partner or help to solicit business for improper benefits.
  • 05
    No accept or require partner to provide preferential conditions in private.
  • 06
    The partner shall not privately provide Jereh employees with the above-mentioned personal benefits.

Each employee or individual acting on behalf of the Company will conduct the business in the best interests of the Company and in compliance with all applicable laws. It is the responsibility of each employee to prevent and combat corruption. Integrity is the primary principle of procurement and any violation is unacceptable. 

If any Jereh employee is found to be accepting bribes or other incorruptible behavior, please report through the following channels timely. Jereh promises strict confidentiality and rewards for the whistleblowers.

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