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Empower high-end equipment manufacturing with digitalization and intelligence, and drive high-quality development with forward R&D.

Oilfield Equipment
As a leading manufacturer of oil and gas field, Jereh provides customers with integrated solutions for the exploitation of oilfields and introduce cutting-edge products based on the development of unconventional energy, including more than 160 types of products: cementing equipment, fracturing equipment, coiled tubing, nitrogen generation and pumping equipment, gas turbine gensets, etc.
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    Oilfield Equipment
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Rise to the Challenge of the Energy with Superior Equipment
Rise to the Challenge of the Energy with Superior Equipment
Fracturing Equipment
The only Chinese supplier of complete shale gas frac equipment to North America. World's first super power turbine fracturing equipment for oil & gas field development. The world's first complete set of e-frac spread and shale gas development solution.
Power Supply Solution
The world‘s first 6MW gas turbine genset truck applied in China. 33MW mobile gas turbine genset offer superior power for shale gas fracturing operation in the U.S.
Intelligent Cementing Equipment
The world’s first dual-mix large-displacement super power cementing truck. The world’s first set of ash automation equipment. Electric drive cementing equipment.
Intelligent Coiled Tubing Equipment
China's first intelligent electronically controlled large-diameter coiled tubing equipment China's first 3.5” large-diameter coiled tubing skid
Full Range of Plunger Pumps
From 500hp to 7000hp