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Oil & Gas Engineering
Oil & Gas Engineering

Customized integrated solution provider of oil & gas field surface engineering and construction.

Jereh focuses on oil & gas field surface engineering, gas processing and LNG engineering, natural gas gathering, transportation, storage, and combined energy. We provide integrated solutions from feasible plan, engineering design, procurement, to equipment manufacturing, construction management, start-up, operation and maintenance.
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    Worldwide Projects
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  • 70 + sets
    Gas Treatment & Processing Equipment
  • 1700 + mmscf/d
    Gas Treatment Scale
Integrated solution provider for  oil &<br>gas engineering
Integrated solution provider for oil &
gas engineering
Global Key Projects
Pilot Project of ADNOC Production Facility Phase V Project of KOC 106mmscf/d Natural Gas Boosting Station Project in Pakistan 21mmscf/d Natural Gas Treatment Project in Tunisia Natural Gas Debottlenecking Project in Algeria (AGIP)
China Key Projects
85mmscf/d LNG Project in Yulin 71mmscf/d LNG Project in Hami 71mmscf/d LNG Project(Phase II, Phase III) in Inner Mongolia BOG Helium Extraction and Helium Liquefaction Project in Inner Mongolia 90kt/a Coke Oven Gas LNG Project in Ningxia
Records in the Industry
China's First Commercial Operation Shale Gas Liquefaction Plant China's First Biogas Purification LNG Project China's First BOG Helium Extraction and Combined Liquid Helium Production Unit