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Our Commitment: Safety Always First

The health and safety of employees are always our first priority while running business. We have a rigorous safety culture of responsibility and accountability to make sure the achievement of "Zero Injury, Zero Accident and Zero Pollution" in all our workplaces. We also put efforts to protect the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors, customers and operating areas.

We comply with laws and regulations, and enforce the strictest HSE standards.
We are committed to promote the harmonious coexistence of human, nature and growth.
We believe that all accidents are preventable.

HSE Management System
Our HSE management system is built on the ISO 9001:2015、ISO 14001:2015、ISO 45001:2018 standards,
and is implemented in all aspects of our activities across the world for a systematic control of HSE risks.
10 Elements of HSE Management System
1、Leadership commitment, policy objectives and responsibilities 2、Organization, responsibilities, resources and document control 3、Risk assessment and potential hazard control 4、Contractor and supplier management 5、Equipment (Facilities) design and construction 6、Operation and maintenance 7、Change management and emergency management 8、Inspection and supervision 9、Accident treatment and prevention 10、Audit, review and continuous improvement
HSE Certification
We work with industry associations and professional bodies to improve our HSE experience, standards and knowledge, including American Petroleum Institute (API) and DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV).
Safety Management Principles
To create a safe working atmosphere and environment, we formulate the mandatory Principles of Safety Management and Life-Saving Regulations for Employees,
which must be understood and observed by our employees and contractors, so as to prevent the occurrence of major accidents.
Safety Management Principles
Employee Life-saving Rules
Excellent Safety Leadership and Full Engagement

Jereh recognizes and applies safety leadership principles, communicating and raising safety awareness through our safety management systems. 

We implement safety observations, identify and prevent accidents, and strengthen safety culture, all while following the best practices in accident investigations.
We develop and encourage employee involvement in safety efforts, and adopt and implement action plans to improve safety performance.

Professional Emergency Rescue System

Jereh has a professional emergency rescue plan to respond to various emergencies at any time, including natural disasters, epidemics and business accidents. 

Each subsidiary and department has access to well-trained emergency responders and resources to handle every possible emergency scenario.
The emergency response strategies developed and implemented by our cross-functional teams, and the support teams ensure that Jereh's global operations are well protected, as well as our people and the environment.