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Municipal Cleaning Equipment
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Empower high-end equipment manufacturing with digitalization and intelligence, and drive high-quality development with forward R&D.

Municipal Cleaning Equipment
The key to solving environmental problems lies in the development of science and technology. We apply our cutting-edge achievements to the field of municipal cleaning, creating high-end cleaning equipment and improving our living environment.
  • 4.5  billion m2
    Annual Cumulative Road Cleaning Area
  • 60 +
    Product Categories
  • < 1  g
    <1g Dust per ft 2 After Cleaning
  • 99 %
    Deep Cleaning Rate
A new era of industrial deep cleaning
A new era of industrial deep cleaning
China’s First Full Series of Deep Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer
Diesel-driven 25T, 18T, 10T deep cleaning vehicles LNG, electric drive and hydrogen deep cleaning vehicles Split-type deep cleaning equipment
Industrial Deep Cleaning
Integrated ultra-high pressure airport runway rubber removal equipment Road pollution removal vehicle Industrial vacuum truck Highway sweeper
All-scenario Cleaning Solutions
Quick treatment of hazardous waste Clean up the secondary pollution by dust accumulation and sedimentation Cleanup of heavily polluted roads in ports, mines, steel mills, etc.
Gold Medal of Industrial Design for “Provincial Governor” Cup
25T deep cleaning vehicles
Mining Environmental Management
Deep Cleaning Series Electrostatic Dust Suppression Equipment Gangue Resource Utilization