Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Jereh is dedicated to creating long-lasting value for local societies and our customers, and to be an enterprise respected by people all around the world. We provide our time, skills and gifts in kind for mutual benefit. We concentrate on stimulating local economic development and supporting educational opportunities in our areas of expertise. Below you will find some examples of what we do in local communities in our home markets.

  • Care for Children
    Care for Children

    In China, unbalanced economic development and imperfect children welfare system leads to a high level of school deprivation in some area. For years, Jereh has been concerned with and caring for the growth of children. We organized and participated in a series of activities including Spring Bud Program to help dropout girls get back to school and Love for SOS Children activity by delivering supplies and school subsidies. By taking real actions, we are there to help children grow in better conditions.

  • Jereh Scholarship
    Jereh Scholarship

    Apart from its own steady development, Jereh pays attention to the enterprise-university-institute cooperation as well as the cultivation and improvements of industry talents. We have built strategic partnerships with over 50 universities, and offered Jereh Scholarship in support of the cultivation of professional talents in universities, including China University of Petroleum (Beijing), China University of Petroleum (East China), Southwest Petroleum University, University of Regina in Canada, University of Houston in USA.

  • Respect and Love for the Seniors
    Respect and Love for the Seniors

    Showing respect and love for seniors is a traditional virtue in China. We visit nursing homes year after year and offer daily necessities and subsidies to the seniors. With sincere love and care, we bring the seniors with great joy and happiness.

  • Social Relief
    Social Relief

    We advocate "being a caring and responsible person". We have been taking an active role in social welfare, by becoming the founder of the Jereh Charity Fund for the Needy in 2010, and the initiator of Boji Relief Fund as well as the Looking for People Most in Need of Help project. We have donated more than 8 million RMB, helped nearly 500 families, and have implemented welfare projects for over 400 times.


  • Earthquake Relief
    Earthquake Relief

    As the old saying goes, all sides will come to help when one is struck by disaster. In 2013, Jereh donated 2.11 million RMB to the earthquake-stricken area in Ya'an city of Sichuan Province. The voluntary donation event among our employees raised a total of 369,000 RMB within five hours. In 2014, Jereh made a donation of 520,000 RMB to the victims of the earthquake-stricken area in Ludian, Yunnan Province. And we launched "Start Your Love with One Yuan (RMB) Donation Campaign" through social media including Linked-in, Facebook and Twitter, attracting many kind-hearted people to participate.