Solid Waste Treatment
Solid Waste Treatment
Jereh provides differentiated treatment technologies for different oily waste. We adopt reasonable methods to deal with oily waste in the oil and gas field, including oil-based drilling waste (waste oil-based mud, oily cuttings, etc.), flotation slag, residual activated sludge, ground oily sludge, oily pit sludge, and tank bottom sludge, etc.
  • Oily Waste Treatment
  • Garbage Treatment
  • Oily Waste Treatment
    In 2006, Jereh entered the field of oil field environmental management to provide oily waste disposal services. Now, Jereh R&D team can provide customers with differentiated and reasonable sludge disposal solutions according to types of oily sludge, and ensure that the waste is managed and recycled in an eco-friendly manner and meet the regulations.
    Business Scope

    Drilling waste (waste oil-base mud, oily drilling cuttings, etc.)

    Ground oily sludge, oil pit sludge, tank bottom sludge, sludge bag

    Refining waste (oil tank bottom mud, flotation slag, residual activated sludge)

    Service Range

    We offer technical consultation, plan design, sludge disposal equipment, engineering design, contracting, engineering implementation, and operation, etc.

    Core Technology

    Thermal desorption technology 

    ▪ Intermittent thermal desorption technology

    ▪ Conditioning and separation technology

    ▪ Waste re-injection technology

    ▪  Oil tank mechanical cleaning technology

  • Garbage Treatment
    As for the solid waste produced in daily life and production, Jereh can achieve hazard-free, recycling, reduction and socialization of garbage through sanitary landfill, composting and incineration.
    Business Scope

    Municipal waste, farm waste, industrial waste, construction waste

    Service Range

    Manufacturing and sales of solid waste disposal equipment, project implementation and operation

  • Diversified Business Models
    Strategic investment, agent cooperation; modularized equipment sales; environmental engineering construction & operation (EPC, BOT, BOO, TOT, etc.); and professional environmental technical services.
    Diversified Business Models
  • Rich Engineering Experience and Economical Operation
    Jereh has successfully developed oily waste treatment equipment with the treatment capacity of 45,000 tons per year, setting a precedent in China. Core technologies including thermal desorption, in-situ thermal desorption, and conditioning & separation have been applied in many oilfields as well as refineries. Meanwhile, our business has extended to international markets especially Middle East and Asia Pacific, serving well-known companies such as Conoco Phillips, Chevron, KOC, and Saudi Aramco. And Jereh is the top choice of Saudi Aramco when it comes to oil tank cleaning, being the only Chinese company to provide such service.
    Rich Engineering Experience and Economical Operation
  • Advanced Technologies and Modularized Equipment
    We now own complete oily waste treatment system which includes thermal desorption technology, conditioning & separation technology, in-situ thermal desorption technology, intermittent thermal desorption technology, waste re-injection technologies and microbial oily sludge treatment, as well as associated equipment. All the equipment adopt modularized design, convenient for transportation, and quick installation & test.
    Advanced Technologies and Modularized Equipment
  • Financing Strength and Diversified Bbusiness Model
    Leveraging the financial strength of Jereh Group as a listed company, we can provide flexible business models for the waste treatment in the forms of BOT, BOO, TOT etc.
    Financing Strength and Diversified Bbusiness Model